How You Can Save Yourself Money When You Are Willing To Book Your Corporate Flu Vaccinations Early

Most people out there will be aware of all of the different ways that they are able to save money in their personal life. They may decide to cut down on buying things that they don’t really need such as makeup and they may find that when they create a meal plan each week that they are able to save some money on groceries. But while people know how to be frugal in their personal life, they may soon realize that they actually don’t know what is best for them when it comes to saving money in their business life.

The good news is that this is often the same process of making a list of what all the associated costs are and going through each one to see how it can be bought down. As saving money in lots of different areas is so important, here is how you can save yourself money when you are willing to book your corporate flu vaccinations early.

You can save yourself money when you are willing to book your corporate flu vaccinations early by booking for a few years at a time

Corporate flu vaccinations

You can save yourself money when you are willing to book your corporate flu vaccinations early by booking for a few years at a time. When people have been in business for a long time, the great thing about this is that they get to assume that they are going to continue to be in business for a long time. This means that they are able to sign up for things for a longer period of time such as accounting software and this also means that they may be able to get a discount because of this.

This same principle can apply when people look into booking this very important service as they may be able to pay upfront for a couple of years or more. This also can save people time and effort because they don’t have to search for a new company to work with every time winter comes around. As it can be seen, this can be a great idea when it comes to cutting down on costs.

You can save yourself money when you are willing to book your corporate flu vaccinations early as many companies out there will offer a discount when you book in advance

You can save yourself money when you are willing to book your corporate flu vaccinations early as many companies out there will offer a discount when you book in advance. What people will often do is that they will leave things until the last minute which also means that they may end up paying more for something. And this is because everyone else is going the same thing and when there are lots of people flocking to a certain service, that company is able to charge more for that service because it is in demand.

But if people pay for this service in the off-season (even if they plan on using it later in the year) they may find that they are able to score themselves some kind of discount. For instance, if people want to pay for something such as this in the summer when not many people are getting this kind of thing, they will likely find that it is going to be cheaper for them. And those are just a couple of tips that people are able to use when they are exploring how to be more frugal.

Benefits for Introducing Quality ERP Software in Australia

ERP software in Australia is a key discussion point for owners who want to upgrade their commercial potential. The switch to digital programming is made all the more apparent in 2021 and it is necessary for business operators to assess what they can utilise for their own benefit in the short and long-term future.

Whether it is managing the supply chain, client information lists, accounting, HR, or production of stock, these participants need to see their department officials boosting productivity levels. This can only be achieved when they have the tools to succeed, something that becomes possible when they have these software packages on hand.

Viewing The Entire Business Operation

There are moments for owners and managers where they feel as though they cannot see further than two inches from their face in relation to the business. It is always about the problem of today without the capability of looking towards tomorrow. This is where ERP software in Australia becomes advantageous, accessing integrated sets of data that sync up across all departments.

Improving Communication Pathways

It is an element of a business that participants have to be concerned about at all times: communication. When this breaks down between people inside an organization, rates of human error will increase. This is another reason why quality ERP software in Australia has to be the order of the day for brands because it provides them the framework to exchange data and collaborate between parties like never before.

Stronger Customer Service Protocols

The use of ERP models from domestic suppliers becomes paramount for those businesses that want to get on top of their customer service responsibilities. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential feature with these brands, allowing the office to function at its optimal capability. Every current and prospective customer will be given the best service on hand as the sales and assistance teams work in unison.

Delivering Real Time Data

Warehouse manager and worker using an ERP software in Australia

Time management is a major consideration for businesses that want to be working in sync at all levels. By deciding to invest in quality ERP software in Australia, operators are able to leverage cloud-based technology to send, communicate and report on data sets in real time. No more hassles with organisational delays and backlogs with these components opening up more progress for companies.

Reducing Financial Waste

Among all of the motivating factors that will be in play with the use of ERP software in Australia, it will be the reduction in financial waste that stands to provide the most benefit for clients. Thanks to innovative reporting functions that are open and accessible to participants at all levels, no one can be left in any doubt about what a business is achieving with their return on investment (ROI). From labour resources and tools used inside the supply chain, suddenly brands have the chance to assess what is affordable and what is deemed a waste according to the bottom line.

Easy Software Transition

If owners and managers are still reticent about using ERP software in Australia, they should realise that the transition to this technology is seamless. There have been too many case studies to point to, but the general consensus is that the format is purchased, uploaded and integrated without having to encounter any major logistical issues along the way. There is also expert client assistance on hand for those that want to walk through the tutorials and maximise the format for themselves.

Those who are hesitant or fearful about the potential for growth with ERP software in Australia are the parties who are ultimately left behind the competition. Take note of those suppliers who are highly rated, see how they work on a site in real time and venture ahead with a system that delivers stunning results.

The Benefits Of A Blockchain Development Company In Australia

With the world’s continuing development in digitization, we now have the technology to ease the time-consuming process of transactions, contracts, and records. This is largely significant as many different industries require a blockchain development company in Australia to accomplish work tasks efficiently and as smoothly as possible. This technology that has led to the existence of Bitcoin is highly significant for traceability, security, productivity, storage space, and reducing costs. Here we’ve listed five of the many benefits of using a trusted blockchain development company in Australia.

Here are the five benefits of using a blockchain development company in Australia.

Boosts productivity

Say goodbye to slow-moving tasks at work! Trading is a laborious process that usually requires the assistance of a third-party company or could be delayed due to mistakes made by employees. With the help of a blockchain development company in Australia, this quickens various work processes such as making a transaction and obtaining contracts. This increases the efficiency across many different industries including real estate and finance. Through this automation, transactions can be done more effectively, faster, and without the clutter of other intermediaries involved. This allows for trading processes to be done within a matter of seconds.

Enhances traceability

Want to know where your supplier was to get the product to you? With the use of a blockchain development company in Australia, you can be confident that there won’t be any ounce of fraud in your transaction as it reveals an audit trail providing evidence as to where the goods were sourced from and where it stopped along its voyage. The ability to see the timeline of the transaction data is important in industries such as medicine to overview the supply chain from manufacturer to distributor or to ensure artworks have not been tampered with when transporting their goods from one gallery to another space.

Increases security standards

A blockchain development company in Australia includes a highly protected system as each new transaction is encrypted and records the last transaction. With the support of a blockchain development company in Australia, this function makes it challenging for frauds to use and spread incorrect information through the data. As information is saved through a network of computers rather than a single server, this also adds to the incapacity for hackers to manipulate the data. With its highly secure system, you can prevent any illegal activity from occurring with your business. This is vital in fields where the protection of data is crucial such as in government, healthcare, and financial services.

Uses cloud storage

Hand holding bitcoin in front of the graph with the exchange rate. Bitcoin cryptocurrency gold coin. Trading on the cryptocurrency exchange. Bitcoin exchange rate trends. Bitcoin growth and fall charts.

Need easily available storage? A blockchain development company in Australia allows for easy and cheap cloud storage. As the data is encrypted you won’t need an additional server to access the storage making you able to use someone else hard drive to exchange data from anywhere.

Costs are cut down

The absence of third-party businesses or intermediaries reduces the cost it would take without the support of a blockchain development company in Australia. Additionally, you won’t have to look over a lot of filing as everyone will be given access to a single and straightforward document.

Through using the services of a blockchain development company in Australia, it will increase the efficiency and convenience of your business allowing it to have a good solid workflow. You will not have to worry about frauds accessing the data, not having enough storage, and paying extra costs on intermediaries. You need to get your business on board with a blockchain development company in Australia to ease up the workload and further improve your brand.

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Self-Storage In Wyong Unit As A Backup!

Self storage facility in Wyong

Self storage units are a great option when it comes to renovating your space or moving to a new one. These units are the ultimate alternative that is not only safe and secure but also economical. Besides the financial benefits, self storage in Wyong is ideal for many more reasons. From the extension of space due to professional/personal reasons to the temporary need for some extra space, storage units can cover it all for you. Here are the top 5 benefits of these units:


1.   Effortless Storage for Home Remodeling

One of the top benefits of these storage units is when you need to move out your home essentials like a bed, sofa, appliances, carpets, and other stuff for remodeling or renovations. Whether you want to remodel the roof due to water damage or mold remediation or make a room addition to meet the demands of your growing family, a self storage unit in Wyong is the perfect staple to keep all your stuff safe and protected.


2.   Safe Haven for Vehicles and Seasonal Equipment/Hardware

Storage units are also the perfect place to park the vehicles that you may not need for an extended time, such as trailers, boats, cars, etc. Although special terms and conditions apply to the storage of the vehicle, nonetheless they can be stored in these units.

You can also use the self storage units in Wyong to stow away your seasonal clothing and other stuff ranging from tools to hardware to just seasonal hobbies related things that have the tendency to clutter your home otherwise. For instance, camping equipment and gear, tools for gardening, etc., that you don’t need on a regular basis can be safely stored in a storage unit.


3.   Ultimate Ease while Moving Home/Relationship Status Change

Moving your home isn’t a streamlined process most of the time and may take from several days to months on end. Unforeseeable delays happen all the time. Having a backup storage unit in such a situation is always a great idea. This way, you will know that all your important stuff is stowed away and protected at a secure place while you explore your options and choose the best one without any pressure. When you are ready with the right new home, you can move all your stuff safely.

While going through a relationship status change, whether you are starting a relationship or ending one, a storage unit can help you keep all your valuables safe until you finalize things for the better.


4.   Mini-Inventory for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

If you are a small to medium-sized business looking for the most economical options for creating an inventory or archive important documents, then a self storage unit in Wyong is the answer! From saving you tons of money annually to keeping your valuables safe from the environment, these storage units have covered you on all fronts. Plus, going for a reputable facility when it comes to storage units will also enable you to access your ‘mini-warehouse’ whenever it is suitable for you while providing your valued assets the ultimate security all the time!


5.   Good News for the Frequent Travelers/Movers

Does your job/business require you to move or travel a lot? Do you want your valuables and belongings to be completely safe while you keep shifting with your essentials as your profession requires? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you need to get yourself a self storage unit in Wyong to keep your valuables secure and protected from the environment. Shifting all your valuables every time is both inconvenient and impractical. The ideal way is to store them away at a safe place and move with the essentials only.

So, go ahead and explore your storage unit options to stow away anything that may clutter your home. You can also use these exceptional units for professional and business purposes.

Great Features on Show With Bamboo Benchtops

kitchen with bamboo benchtops

It might be considered something of a niche purchase, but that is exactly why bamboo benchtops are so undervalued by local community members.

These stunning bamboo benchtops provide many of the same benefits that the traditional materials will showcase.

From their immaculate presentation to the smooth touch of the surface and the durability of the design, they offer a complete package for domestic citizens hoping to enjoy genuine long-term value.

Before accepting an overpriced marble, stone or granite installation, take note of these great bamboo features that are available for Australian households.


Beautiful Aesthetics

One of the great features that are on display with bamboo benchtops is the stunning aesthetics that are showcased for local homeowners. Sported with a rich golden glow that glistens and shines with cleaning applications, this is a design that offers constituents a vibrant, authentic first-class kitchen benchtop for everyone to enjoy. Especially when it comes to the value of the premises and how it will increase the bottom line when put on the open market, these types of selling points become beneficial for all parties.

Natural Resistance Properties

When it comes to durability and being able to withstand the wear and tear brought about by kitchen life, bamboo benchtops reign supreme. This is a material that will stand strong amid fears of decay, mould, scratching, water exposure and heat. When cooking a range of menu options and experiencing spills day in and day out, it is important to leverage a surface that will remain in tip top condition without deteriorating.

Cost Saving Measures

The good news is that the strength and resistance of bamboo benchtops makes them financially viable for the long-term. Although there will be costs involved to carry out the installation project, it won’t require the same level of conditioning and maintenance provisions that impacts the bottom line for clients. This has been evident for certain types of woods that chip and stain, creating expensive repair projects that become unsustainable.

Environmentally Friendly Material

The fact remains that many hardwood and softwood designs negatively impact on our carbon footprint, adding to community waste and placing further pressure on the environment. By opting for bamboo benchtops, constituents are making a savvy choice, embracing a material that is 100% renewable without any native trees having to be cut down in the process. With non-toxic solvents that are applied to these brands, they are also classified as a healthier option for families when compared to their other counterparts in the industry.

Customisable Designs

bamboo benchtops and drawers

Local homeowners who are taking a closer look at bamboo benchtops will be pleased to know that these designs can be customised to meet the needs of the client. From the pure aesthetics that dictate their colour tone and pattern to the way in which they are integrated into kitchen settings, customers have the chance to adapt the material to fit their own requirements and tastes. By making contact with local suppliers, it will be easy to make special arrangements with this approach.


When it comes to benchtop materials that will suit most household budgets, it is hard to look beyond bamboo as an affordable and accessible selection. Many of the top outlets will offer bamboo brands as part of their catalogue, offering obligation-free quotes that details how it can be implemented and compliment the remainder of the kitchen space.


It is easy to overlook the benefits of sourcing bamboo benchtops, but there are too many selling points to ignore for local homeowners who want the best of both worlds. Identify sellers in the market and shortlist those candidates who will guarantee long-term value with this unique project.


How Homeowners Should Manage a Balustrade Purchase from Perth Sellers

Local residents who take a close look at a balustrade purchase from Perth sellers want to know that their investment is in their long-term interests.

Offering the type of support and strength that removes domestic accidents, these designs will happen to be a pleasant aesthetic addition to the premises.

In order to achieve the end goal and receive that value that constituents in Perth crave, it is important to undertake some homework and reflect on what types of structures will be ideally suited to the household.

1) Determine a Budget

How much do homeowners have to spend on when they need to purchase from balustrade Perth sellers? This is the central question that must be addressed for local constituents who do not want to venture far outside of these parameters for the sake of the project. These types of installations are either carried out in isolation or executed as part of a bigger development, but it is an exercise that has to be budgeted for. Establish that price point to avoid paying over the odds.

2) Assess Material Choices

The budget consideration with a balustrade purchase from Perth sellers will vary from one end to the spectrum to the other according to the material profile. This is where constituents need to run the gamut on the industry and see what is available for their location. It will feature strand wire, wrought iron, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, glass, wood, and metal varieties. Once residents determine what will work aesthetically and within their budget, they will have confidence that their material choice is on point.

3) Identify Support Structures

A balustrade purchase from Perth sellers won’t be sourced in isolation. These materials have to be supported by something and this is where metal and wood posts commonly come into the equation. By speaking with installation experts, they will showcase a range of different styles that can be implemented, or clients can simply stick to the current infrastructure to cut down on costs.

4) Indoor vs. Outdoor Settings

home balustrade from Perth

The longevity and integrity of balustrade designs are often determined by their location. For outdoor constituents who want to add value to a patio or support for a garden setting, they will be well advised to source stainless steel or wrought iron designs. These materials are naturally resistant to severe weather conditions, not suffering from corrosion like their counterparts. The glass, wood, and strand wire alternatives are geared more to indoor locations, helping to add value to staircases and multi-floor households where an extra level of security is valuable.

5) Consulting Experts

Homeowners have a lot more confidence with a balustrade purchase from Perth sellers when they speak with industry insiders and experienced practitioners. These operators will have installed these designs across the city for many years and will apply their knowledge to each client’s situation. What are the logistical challenges? What will complement the surrounding décor? What will guarantee the highest level of support without interrupting the movement and space dimensions of the home? It is easy to make assumptions in this instance, but it is through discussions with specialists where the real progress is made.

6) Receiving Multiple Project Quotes

While the discussions with professionals is a key step forward when seeking a balustrade purchase from Perth sellers, the quote is the tangible part of the process that must be considered. These types of projects have to be assessed on their merits, empowering residents to look at a balustrade purchase from Perth sellers as a single proposition. The more quotes that are available, the easier it is to weigh them against one and other.


Questions To Ask You Timber Floor Installer In Sydney

Hardwood floors are a long-term investment and depending on the size of your home and the quality of the product that you select, that investment can be significant. When you select a professional timber floor installer in Sydney it’s important that you ask plenty of questions from the get-go. Asking the right questions can help to ensure that you get what you’re paying for and can help you to avoid any potentially costly or inconvenient issues down the road. Not sure what questions to ask? Check out our list of the questions you should ask your timber floor installer in Sydney before they go ahead with the job, this will help you to understand more about the process and what you should expect, as well as how you can prepare.


What type of hardwood is right for my home?

There are a lot of different hardwood options out there, and a good timber floor installer in Sydney should have plenty of knowledge and experience to fall back on when it comes to helping you select hardwood for your floors. The type of hardwood you choose should depend on a number of factors including your design preferences and how much foot traffic your floors are likely to get. There are many different kinds of wood to choose from, such as oak, hickory, maple, walnut, and many others. It can seem overwhelming at first trying to choose a wood, especially when they all have very different characteristics and lifespans. An experienced timber floor installer in Sydney should be able to help you narrow down your choices and select a floor type to suit your home.


Do you offer free in-home estimates?

Free in-home quotes are not a given and sometimes a timber floor installer in Sydney may charge a call-out fee to visit your home and provide an accurate quote. It’s often the case that you can apply this cost to the job if you choose to go ahead with it, but it depends on the business you choose.


Are you insured and properly certified?

It is very important that your timber floor installer in Sydney is properly certified to perform the work you’re asking them to do. Uncertified workers who don’t install your floors properly may void your warranty and quality issues could be a problem down the road. It’s also important that the professional you choose has good insurance in case anything does go wrong.


Can you provide references?

Repairman installing timber flooring

It’s also very important that the professional you choose can provide solid references and testimonials to confirm the quality of their work. Satisfied customers are an important sign that the company your choosing to give your business to is trustworthy and worth working with. Bad reviews or unsatisfied clients are a red flag and you should steer clear. A company will poor quality service or workmanship is not worth the hassle.


What are the costs involved?

Make sure you get a good understanding of the potential costs involved in putting your hardwood floors in so there are no nasty surprised. Your chosen installation person should be able to tell you about the cost of purchasing your flooring, installation costs, tools, equipment, and the cost of any finishes.


How much time will it take?

Another important thing to know is how much time the job will take to do. Will it be fast or take several weeks and what steps do you need to take to prepare? Adding new flooring can be a major undertaking so it’s worth understanding how long it takes.


Hot Water Cylinders Explained

woman taking a hot shower

Most people never really give much thought to how hot water cylinders and other water heating equipment work, all they really know is that when they get in the shower and turn the tap on the water comes out hot. There are a number of different systems and ways of heating water, including gas, solar and electric systems – gas and electric hot water cylinders are some of the most popular options out there and one of the most common systems that you’ll see in homes in Australia and New Zealand.


How hot water cylinders’ work

Hot water cylinders are a tank-based system that uses an electric element or gas burner to heat water. A thermostat will determine the temperature that the water is heated to. It’s a bit like the kettle you have at home, using an element immersed in the tank to heat the surrounding water. The system has two tubes, the first is a cold water tube that brings cold water into the tank and the second is a hot pipe that carries the hot water out to deliver it to your home.

In most cases, electric hot water cylinders are more efficient than their gas counterparts but tend to come at a higher cost and are slower to heat and recover than the gas tanks. Most gas hot water cylinders can heat approximately 190 liters in about an hour whilst an electric tank can take a number of hours.


Things to consider

worker setting up a hot water cylinder system at home

If you’re looking at buying a tank and thinking about whether you should go for gas or electric than you should keep in mind the fact that an electric system will likely come at a lower upfront cost and also offer slightly more flexibility, you can for instance connect them to solar or add a heat pump – this means you can make changes as your needs change or you family grows. You can also easily purchase a system that offers thermostatic control, this makes it easier to control cost and could save you a lot of money. If your tank is insulated the water will stay hot for several hours even after the element switches off. Most will even come with a timer which will allow you to take advantage of off-peak electricity hours.

The systems can usually be shut down simply by turning a switch on or off which can be very useful if you’re not going to be home. If you’re going away on holiday, save money by switching it off.


What should you be aware of when it comes to electric systems?

You will find that you pay a higher bill then if you’re using solar or gas power. Most electric systems will cost the average household about 78 cents per hour although the cost will vary depending on its capacity and the tariffs. The average household will need to heat water for at least a few hours during the day which means you’ll likely pay close to $600 annually for heating up your shower. Thermostatic control is also a must otherwise the temperature can get too high and it can end up becoming hazardous. It’s also very important to not set your thermostat too low, temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius can allow bacteria to survive and grow which could make your household sick.

The most important things to think about are your budget, needs, and space. Find a system that works for you and your household. Speak to an installation expert to find out what will be best for your long term needs and specific circumstances.


Why Handmade Jade Jewellery Is An Excellent Gift

Jewelry fashion beads necklace with natural stones crystals jade

Buying a gift for any occasion can be really difficult, and it’s something that everyone struggles with at one point or another. No matter how well you know someone, thinking of the perfect gift to get them requires some time and effort, especially if they are quite modest and never give any hints about what they may want.

One timeless gift that always impresses recipients is handmade jade jewellery. Unlike the mass-produced alternatives, this product is fabricated with real artistry by experienced and passionate artists. The end result is something truly stunning and memorable that simply can’t be replicated by a machine.

The following will look at the main reasons why handmade jade jewellery makes an excellent gift.


It’s highly memorable

When you are buying a gift for someone, you no doubt want to dazzle and delight them for many years to come. Unlike a diamond ring or a silver necklace, a jade necklace in New Zealand is truly unique and likely something that the recipient would never have expected.

If you are celebrating the birthday of someone close to you, such as a sister, brother, spouse, or your parents, this kind of item is going to impress and delight them. It’s small, gorgeous, and has the quality of real artistry being put into its creation.


They have unique meanings

An authentic piece of handmade jade jewellery can have a unique meaning related, such as growth, fertility, love, protection, wisdom, and more. This is because they have a spiritual meaning in the Maori culture in New Zealand, where they are made.

This means you are giving someone more than something pretty to wear around their neck, you are giving them something that has a transcendent meaning. This can make the gift far more personalised, and they don’t need to be a spiritual type of person to appreciate the sentiment the gift represents.

You can think about the relationship you have with the person, or about their personality traits, and get them a piece of handmade jade jewellery that is suited to them. You could give your romantic partner, one that represents love or give a parent one that represents wisdom.


They have cultural significance

Another great thing about handmade jade jewellery is that they are tied to the Maori culture of indigenous New Zealanders. They have a very special meaning to that culture, and therefore a recipient of this gift can feel like they are more of a global citizen and can have a greater appreciation and respect for different cultures.

This makes them a very special gift that anyone would be honored to receive from you. No matter who they are, this gift is something that anyone is able to cherish and see the value in.


They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes

When you are shopping for handmade jade jewellery, you’ll find that there are a wide variety of different designs in various sizes. There really is one for every budget, and they are all beautiful to behold.

Since they are carved by experienced artists, there is a lot of personality in each design. The beauty of handmade jade jewellery is something that you simply can’t get from the generic and mainstream items you get from the big accessory brands.

Each of the items is named by the artist, and this lets you know that they are a real work of art, not just a commercial product.

Handmade jade jewellery is truly special and makes for an unforgettable gift no matter who you buy it for and what your relationship with them is.


Speed Boot Time

Coming from Ubuntu, Windows 7 seems to take forever to boot. If you want to see exactly what applications are taking so long to load at startup, try Soluto (free now while in Beta). Soluto is excellent for visualizing the startup process, but I warn you not to try to modify your startup applications using Soluto. Just use it to help you decide what you need to get rid of, and then un-install it. Soluto itself takes a long time to load, and when used as a boot manager, it simply runs in the background and prevents or delays other programs from loading. It’s more efficient to modify startup applications from within Windows.

You’ll notice that the first thing in Soluto’s No-brainer (remove from boot) category is WMP, meaning Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service. In the past I have used this service to stream music from Media Player to my Xbox360. However, I no longer have any need to stream music from Media Player, so this service is a waste of time. Here’s how to remove it (without using Saluto):

Disable Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
You need to open the Windows Services dialog. You can do that from the Control Panel (Control Panel → System and Security → Administrative Tools → Services), or you can simply hold the windows key + R to open the Run Dialog, then type services.msc. Once you have the Services dialog open, keep scrolling down until you find the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service, then right-click on it.

From the right-click menu, select Properties and from the Properties dialog, in the General tab, change the Startup Type to Disabled:

Disable WMP sharing service part 2

That’s it for the WMP sharing service (Windows Media Player will still work just fine, by the way, it just wont stream media unless you restart the service manually). One of the other applications Saluto flagged for removal is Microsoft Office Groove, which is part of Microsoft Office Enterprise and allows for collaborative document editing. Although Groove sounds neat, I have no need for it and don’t want it slowing down my boot. Here’s how to remove it (or any other component of Microsoft Office, for that matter):

Remove Microsoft Office Groove

From the Control Panel, select Uninstall a program (or Programs and Features, depending on your Control Panel view). Find Microsoft Office, select it, and click the Change button:

That’s it! Groove is gone.

Identify Other Programs That Run At Startup

If you don’t want to install Saluto just to see what’s running at startup, you can figure it out by looking in a few different places. The first one is the easiest… just look in the Notification Area:

If you see a program running in here that you didn’t start yourself, it probably is set to run automatically at Windows Startup. Sometimes, this is good. For example, you can see that I have Microsoft Security Essentials running at startup (the green house icon). I also allow Dropbox to run at boot (the blue box). However, other applications you only use occasionally will still add themselves to the startup list. For example, the camera and monitor icon is Gadwin Printscreen, which apparently decided it’s important enough to run at startup. I disagree. Most of the time, preventing a program from running at startup is as simple as using that programs Options dialog. That is the case with Gadwin Printscreen, along with most others:

That was easy, but I guarantee there are many startup applications other than those listed in the Notification Area. Ideally, you should be able to see all the programs that run at startup from the Startup folder, visible from the Start menu under All Programs. Alas, that folder is far from accurate. Eight programs that I installed myself (not Windows components) run at startup, and only one of them manifests itself in the Startup folder (good job, Dropbox). The only way to see the entire list is from within the System Configuration tool, msconfig. Note: CCleaner users may notice that CCleaner will mimic msconfig, displaying an accurate list of startup applications.

To run msconfig, open the Run Dialog (Windows key plus ‘r’) and type msconfig. Open the Startup tab:

As you can see, I allow Adobe, Java, and Google to run an updater application at startup (they’re pretty light-weight). Other than those, I only have Miscrosoft Security Essentials, Microsoft IntelliPoint (for my mouse), and Dropbox. Don’t ask me why the Windows Operating System is listed as a startup application. If you find something in here that you want to get rid of, you can simply de-select it. However, once you know what’s running at startup, I think it’s better practice to at least attempt to disable the Run At Startup option from within each individual program’s Options dialog before resorting to msconfig.

Setup Mail, Browser, Music, Photos, Videos, etc.

Now that you have installed your main Windows software and trimmed all the unnecessary stuff, it’s time to grab your external hard drive (or navigate to your FTP server or online backup website) and start copying all your files back into your Windows machine. If you’ve simply copied files and folders onto your backup medium, this will be as easy as dragging and dropping into the right folders. If you’ve used backup software (like Windows Backup), you’ll have to use the same backup software to find the files you wish to restore.